Know more about Function Space

The last few weeks have been very exciting for us. Hackerstreet embraced us and we were covered by Startcup. There's a buzz around Function Space, which has massively boosted our energy levels. In this post, we would like to elaborate on the work we're doing at Function Space. Here you go!

Problem we're trying to solve:

Math, Physics and Computer Science are considered to be some of the most important subjects today. However, there's no single  online resource that can fully channelize the knowledge in these subjects and provide them at every level - from students till mathematicians and physicists. Moreover, most of the tutorials and books available online just teach you specific topics in these subjects, but fail to answer the most basic questions - Why are these subjects so important? How did these subjects grow and what are their deeper implications?

How will we do it?

At Function Space, our aim is to not only answer these questions, but also provide good amount of knowledge in these subjects with the help of an educational networking service, apps and books. In addition to knowledge forums and Q&A sessions, this networking service(or say community) will also provide high quality content in the form of video lectures, interviews, articles, research papers and simulations. This content would not be borrowed from the web, but would be exclusively made for Function Space community (open and free to join) . Also, we would be developing some educational apps so that you can easily consume knowledge on your tablets and mobile phones. We'll take this further by providing self published books and conferences so that you can easily exchange knowledge with like-minded people. 

Where are we now?

We are working full throttle towards development of networking community and educational apps. Public beta (community) should be available in early 2013. 

Any Funding?

We have no funding as of now. But we're surely looking for some so that we can propel our efforts.

We hope this gives you a better idea about Function Space. If you've some more queries, shoot us a mail at